Tomasso Ciampa Remarkable Health Boost During WWE Absence


Tomasso Ciampa Remarkable Health Boost During WWE Absence
Tomasso Ciampa Remarkable Health Boost During WWE Absence

Nearly a year of absence from the ring following hip surgery, WWE superstar and former NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa has delivered an exciting update on his health and recovery, along with a photo displaying his well-chiseled body.

Ciampa, a formidable figure in the WWE scene and a two-time NXT Champion has been out of sight since his hip surgery. Before his health hiatus, he worked closely with AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley. Despite his condition, he had shown unwavering determination and optimism towards a triumphant WWE return, spurred on by his successful stem cell treatment.

He recently took to Instagram, presenting his admirers with an awe-inspiring showcase of his current physique and providing them with a comprehensive update on his recovery process. He said, "Little post-workout check-in. This is the heaviest I've been in 10 years, yet leaner than ever." He credited the RP Hypertrophy App for completing his third mesocycle, making him more muscular, bigger, and experiencing remarkable recovery.

Injured WWE Stars Sidelines

Ciampa stands among other WWE Superstars currently benched due to injuries. This group includes renowned figures like Randy Orton, Dakota Kai, and Liv Morgan, former Smackdown Women's Champion who recently confirmed her battle with a torn shoulder injury.

Post his NXT success, Ciampa transitioned to the main roster in April 2022. He initially aligned himself with The Miz, stirring up a rivalry with AJ Styles. His last match was a valiant but unsuccessful effort against Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

Long-time WWE enthusiasts fondly remember Ciampa for his collaboration and rivalry with Johnny Gargano. Together, they secured the NXT Tag Team Championship but later incited a heated feud, culminating in a Chicago Street Fight at NXT: Take Over Chicago II.

With Gargano now on Raw, speculations are rife about a potential reunion of the former allies. The air is thick with anticipation for a comeback from Ciampa that could link back to Gargano.