Sami Zayn Celebrates 'Bloodline' Storyline's Financial Success


Sami Zayn Celebrates 'Bloodline' Storyline's Financial Success

Sami Zayn has joyfully accepted his crucial role in The Bloodline storyline, acknowledging the significant financial influx it has created for WWE. With business soaring for World Wrestling Entertainment, a substantial portion of the credit can be attributed to The Bloodline.

In the past year, WWE has experienced a boom in show attendance, higher TV ratings, profitable merchandise sales, and intensified fan engagement. Indeed, much of this commercial surge has been influenced by the wildly popular Bloodline narrative, which commenced in August 2020 when Roman Reigns, crowned "The Tribal Chief," won the Universal Championship, marking over 1,000 days with Paul Heyman as his ally.

Roman's cousins, The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso), pledged allegiance to The Tribal Chief. Later, Sami Zayn joined as an "Honorary Uce" in 2022 before the group underwent a significant transformation during this year's Royal Rumble.

Solo Sikoa, the younger Uso sibling, also became part of the ensemble in September 2022.

Unprecedented The Bloodline Triumph at WrestleMania

The Bloodline created an unprecedented moment at WrestleMania 39 when Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens' Tag Team Title victory over The Usos headlined WrestleMania Saturday – marking the first time WWE Tag Team Titles topped a WrestleMania event.

Roman Reigns spearheaded WrestleMania Sunday against Cody Rhodes, an exceptional instance where members of the same stable headline two consecutive WrestleMania nights. During a recent conversation on WWE's After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, Zayn was asked about his perspective on the Bloodline story's significance while it unfolded.

He confirmed, "I felt it. I knew it early on. I'm particularly proud of it but also a bit shocked by it. It's almost a byproduct of keeping yourself grounded and humble." Zayn elucidated that while WWE is the main draw, specific storylines within the company can genuinely galvanize the product.

"I don't consider myself a draw. I think WWE is the draw, and some components boost it within the product," he noted. However, Zayn recognized that his involvement in the Bloodline narrative was different. "This is driving business.

This draws with every metric imaginable — merchandise, ratings, social media engagements, and fan interest. Everything has been up," Zayn admitted, openly acknowledging the storyline's significant impact. In the same interaction, Zayn also highlighted the invaluable role of his best friend, Kevin Owens, in the successful execution of The Bloodline story.

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