Pat McAfee Discusses Interviewing WWE's Vince McMahon


Pat McAfee Discusses Interviewing WWE's Vince McMahon
Pat McAfee Discusses Interviewing WWE's Vince McMahon

Pat McAfee, known to many as an ex-NFL star, avid wrestling fan, and now WWE commentator, recently had the rare opportunity to host an interview with Vince McMahon, the Executive Chairman of WWE, on his podcast. McAfee revealed to "SI Media with Jimmy Traina" that nerves didn't plague him before the big event; instead, he was brimming with anticipation.

"I was more excited than nervous," McAfee said. "Knowing that Vince rarely speaks to the public, I felt thrilled to be granted this unique opportunity. As a lifelong wrestling fan, I've keenly observed McMahon's impressive trajectory in the industry, making this experience particularly meaningful to me."

Last-Minute Confirmation: McMahon's Arrival Assured

Despite the publicity and hype preceding the interview, McAfee's team had an undercurrent of uncertainty.

An official confirmation from McMahon remained elusive until the very last moment. However, an unexpected text alert made the situation favorable, assuring McMahon's arrival. "It was an interesting dynamic, always assuming McMahon would show up," McAfee admitted.

"Then came a text announcing '30 minutes out,' followed by another saying '15 minutes out.' It was akin to tracking a bird in flight, and then, suddenly, the eagle has landed!" McAfee's comfort in this high-stakes situation was primarily attributed to his prior interactions with McMahon as a "WWE SmackDown" commentator.

This unique position allowed McAfee to engage in candid behind-the-scenes discussions with the wrestling mogul on various topics, and McMahon seemed amenable to answering his inquiries. "In my time with WWE, I often asked Vince questions," McAfee shared.

"'Why is it done this way?' or 'What's the thought process behind this decision?' He's a natural educator willing to share his experiences and the rationale behind his decisions, provided people approach him with genuine curiosity.

He appreciated and respected the questions I posed. The McMahon-McAfee interview thus unfolded as a fascinating dialogue between two deeply invested personalities in the wrestling industry, shedding light on McMahon's enigmatic character and decision-making philosophy.

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