Ace Steel Sees Rick Steiner's Traits in Bron Breakker at WWE Performance Center

Ace Steel shares intriguing insights about a rising wrestling star.

by Noman Rasool
Ace Steel Sees Rick Steiner's Traits in Bron Breakker at WWE Performance Center

Having worked as a coach at the WWE Performance Center before transitioning to his role as a producer for All Elite Wrestling, Ace Steel has had a front-row seat to developing some of wrestling's brightest talents. He recently took some time to reflect on his experience in an interview on "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," his commentary on Bronson Steiner, also known as Bron Breakker, was notably insightful.

"I had the privilege of being present at Bronson Steiner's tryout," Steel reminisced. "Those events were anything but a walk in the park; they were grueling tests of grit and endurance. You can instantly recognize those primed and ready to take on the challenge.

Steiner, despite having limited training, had an undeniable spark. Even the most cursory observation revealed a raw talent waiting to be honed."

Breakker's Striking Steiner Resemblance

Highlighting Breakker's unmistakable resemblance to his father, Rick Steiner, a renowned wrestler in his own right, Steel continued, "When Steiner stepped into the ring and started running the ropes, I was instantly reminded of his father.

His voice also bears an uncanny similarity to his Uncle Scott's. We may need to wait and see if his math skills also match up," he chuckled, referring to Scott Steiner's infamous math promo. Breaker, hailed as a 'blue-chipper' by Steel, has had an impressive run in NXT, with his second reign as NXT Champion lasting an incredible 362 days.

On May 28 at NXT Battleground, he recently challenged Carmelo Hayes for the title, but unfortunately, he fell short. With his absence from the latest episode of "NXT," fans are left wondering about the future trajectory of this second-generation wrestler.

In the meantime, Ace Steel's career has seen a twist as he re-joins AEW following his dismissal after a reported backstage dispute at last year's All Out pay-per-view. Rumors are buzzing about his involvement, alongside long-time friend CM Punk, in the creative team for the impending "AEW Collision." Fans eagerly await Punk's return for the " Collision " inaugural episode on June 17.

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