Lacey Evans Claps Back at WWE Hall of Famer Over Gimmick Theft Accusations


Lacey Evans Claps Back at WWE Hall of Famer Over Gimmick Theft Accusations

Lacey Evans, the charismatic WWE Superstar, found herself engaged in a fiery exchange on social media with a 74-year-old WWE Hall of Famer following her appearance on last Friday's episode of SmackDown. In a Money in the Bank qualifying match, Evans suffered a defeat at the hands of Zelina Vega, marking her return to WWE television after a relatively quiet absence.

Notably, Evans donned a new outfit that bore resemblance to the iconic Sgt. Slaughter, catching the attention of the Hall of Famer's daughter, who took to Twitter to accuse Evans of potentially stealing her father's gimmick.

Sgt. Slaughter himself joined the fray, issuing a warning to Evans and highlighting his daughter's toughness. Seizing the opportunity to respond, the 33-year-old Superstar playfully teased the veteran about his hips and implied that none in his family could match her skills in the ring.

Evans Fires Back on Twitter

Taking to Twitter, Evans fired back, stating, "Between your hips and her wrestling ability, the chances of anyone in your bloodline to put me in a bag is 0. When you birth someone who can carry your legacy or take me out, call me.

Until then, salute me. Like the real Marine I am. Rah. 🇺🇸" Meanwhile, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell expressed his desire for WWE to capitalize on Lacey Evans' potential on SmackDown. Mantell believes that Evans has the ability to generate considerable heat from the crowd and urged the company to give her meaningful storylines and opportunities.

Mantell emphasized that Evans' character has been caught in a state of ambiguity, with WWE struggling to define her as either a heel or a babyface, ultimately resulting in an underwhelming career thus far. The "Sassy Southern Belle," as Evans was previously known, transitioned her character to incorporate her military background, adding depth to her persona.

However, WWE has yet to fully harness her talent and determine how to effectively showcase her abilities. It remains to be seen if WWE will seize the opportunity to capitalize on Evans' potential and elevate her career to new heights.

As fans contemplate the direction of her WWE journey, the question arises: Has Lacey Evans been underutilized by the company?

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