The Bloodline WWE SmackDown Stuns Social Media; Rikishi Comments

WWE's gripping narrative enters a new phase of uncertainty.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Bloodline WWE SmackDown Stuns Social Media; Rikishi Comments

In the high-octane world of professional wrestling, it's not every day that a storyline proves to be as gratifying creatively as it is financially lucrative. The ongoing Bloodline narrative embodies this rare achievement swept across WWE.

This saga has been hailed for its engaging plot, translating into a noticeable increase in television ratings and footfall at live events. A key turning point gripped viewers was the shocking scene when Solo Sikoa assaulted his brother, Jimmy Uso.

This stunning twist in the tale has amassed a staggering 40 million views on social media and YouTube combined, making it the "most socially watched segment" in 2023, as WWE reckoned. This massive digital footprint is a real testament to the appeal of this intricate family-driven storyline.

No one is prouder of this success than Rikishi, the father of three pivotal characters in this critically-acclaimed saga. Acknowledging the phenomenal reach of the Bloodline storyline, he tweeted, "🩸☝🏾 is good for business #Bloodline numbers don't lie ..

WWE universe has spoken," in response to the staggering social media engagement figures released by WWE.

Bloodline Saga: Jey Uso's Dilemma

As the narrative progresses, a decisive moment looms on this Friday's "WWE SmackDown." Fans are on tenterhooks to see where Jey Uso's allegiance will land: will he stand by his twin, Jimmy, or align with the Roman Reigns-led Bloodline? After Paul Heyman's stern ultimatum on this week's "WWE Raw," Jey's choice could have dire consequences, mirroring Jimmy's fate who suffered a Samoan Spike from Sikoa for refusing to acknowledge "The Tribal Chief" Reigns.

Speculation is rife that if Jey defies Reigns and Sikoa, a potential tag team showdown could be on the cards at the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event in London, England - featuring Usos versus Reigns and Sikoa.

With Reigns' packed schedule, including appearances at Money in the Bank, SummerSlam, and other televised events, fans can look forward to a thrilling summer with the Bloodline saga set to unfold further.

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