Booker T Shares His Thoughts on WWE's Use of Artificial Crowd Noise in Live Shows

Booker T's perspective on WWE's use of artificial crowd noise

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Shares His Thoughts on WWE's Use of Artificial Crowd Noise in Live Shows

In recent times, avid fans of WWE have noticed a peculiar addition to the company's live shows—an influx of artificial crowd noise meant to elicit distinct reactions that may differ from or intensify the actual response of the live audience.

This audio manipulation serves as a tool to shape specific narratives, but it can sometimes lack the organic feel that genuine crowd reactions possess. Nonetheless, one legendary figure in the wrestling world, Booker T, remains unfazed by this practice.

Recalling the unique circumstances of the pandemic era, where live audiences were absent, WWE resorted to creating the Thunderdome set, relying on piped-in artificial crowd noise to engender a sense of realism. Booker T, a revered Hall of Famer, found this addition beneficial, seemingly unperturbed by the notion of WWE amplifying the volume a bit more in current times.

However, he did mention that with the prevalence of the internet, many people might be aware of this behind-the-scenes audio augmentation."I think, for me, I am not paying too much attention to something like that," Booker T explained when asked about the piped-in audio.

"The thing is, the people that are writing about it probably wouldn't have paid a whole lot of attention to it if someone hadn't written about it and said that it happened."

Booker T Embraces WWE's Artificial Crowd Noise

Booker T's nonchalant stance on the matter suggests that he doesn't consider adding artificial crowd noise a significant concern.

His focus remains unwavering on the entertainment value that WWE delivers to its dedicated fanbase. While some fans and observers may scrutinize the practice, the renowned wrestler-turned-pundit chooses not to invest his energy into such considerations, prioritizing the broader experience and the company's ability to adapt during unprecedented times.

In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, where captivating storylines and audience engagement reign supreme, WWE continues experimenting with innovative approaches to create an immersive viewing experience. Whether the inclusion of artificial crowd noise resonates positively with the fans or not, the company's goal remains constant—to deliver an electrifying spectacle that captivates the hearts and minds of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

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