Brandi Rhodes Hints at Joining Cody's WWE Judgment Day Feud; Rhea Ripley Reacts

Brandi Rhodes stirs the pot in Cody's ongoing WWE feud

by Noman Rasool
Brandi Rhodes Hints at Joining Cody's WWE Judgment Day Feud; Rhea Ripley Reacts

In an unexpected development, Brandi Rhodes, wife of Cody Rhodes, has dropped hints of her potential involvement in the ongoing WWE feud - "Judgment Day." This follows the controversial antics during a recent "WWE Raw" episode, stirring up the wrestling community.

In the November 11, 2020, episode of "AEW Dynamite," Jade Cargill found herself on the receiving end of Brandi's impassioned defense when she disrespected Cody Rhodes. Fast forward to this week on "WWE Raw," during a Miz TV segment, a situation unfolded that could reignite Brandi's protective flame very well.

Dominik Mysterio took a cheap shot at Cody in an underhanded move, using Rhea Ripley as a shield. Ripley, the "Raw" Women's Champion, brazenly dared Cody to retaliate, a challenge he, for obvious reasons, refused. As Judgment Day ridiculed "The American Nightmare," Cody Rhodes, they exited the ring, leaving a sour taste.

The incident was noticed. Brandi, seemingly provoked by Ripley's actions, took to Twitter to express her stance. "Papa won't hit Mami... but Mommy will," she tweeted. The words, laden with implications, suggest Brandi might be willing to enter the ring against Ripley, defending her husband's honor.

Ripley's response was one of blatant disregard - a provocative DX crotch chop gesture, which only added fuel to the fire.

Speculations Rise for Brandi's WWE Return

Now, speculation mounts as to whether WWE would bring back Brandi to intensify the storyline further.

Having left WWE in May 2016, Brandi has since focused on her media projects and home life, shying away from the wrestling ring. Upon Cody's return to WWE in 2022, Brandi's decision to retire seemed final, citing the emotional toll and underlying envy from peers as critical factors.

However, in a recent interview, Cody highlighted Brandi's "never say never" attitude toward a potential comeback. He stressed that Brandi could hold her own if she were to return. Cody's words, combined with Brandi's fiery tweet, have left fans and followers intrigued.

Whether or not we will witness a showdown between Brandi and Ripley remains to be seen, but the prospect is undoubtedly tantalizing for WWE enthusiasts.

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