Ronda Rousey Balances Motherhood & Career: A Guilt-ridden Journey

Peering into Ronda Rousey's personal life amidst her rising fame.

by Noman Rasool
Ronda Rousey Balances Motherhood & Career: A Guilt-ridden Journey

World-renowned WWE Superstar and reigning women's tag champion Ronda Rousey recently sat down for a candid discussion with PEOPLE magazine. The conversation revolved around her upcoming television series, Stars and Mars, and a medley of deeply personal topics ranging from motherhood to mental health.

Rousey's little girl, La'akea Makalapuaokalanipō Browne, is at the heart of the discussion. Ronda illuminated the joys of motherhood, her guilt for being away from her daughter, and how having a child has been a transformative experience for her mental health.

Emotional Struggles of Maternal Separation

Being separated from her child while filming Stars and Mars was an emotional challenge for Rousey. The arduous nature of the production demanded her presence away from her home and, consequently, away from her 1½-year-old daughter.

"The most challenging aspect was just being away from my baby. Her absence was painfully difficult to bear," Rousey confided. "She was at the cutest age; it felt like I was missing out on irreplaceable moments." As the days on set passed, Rousey's sense of guilt, often called 'mom guilt,' intensified.

She was spiraling into a cycle where the more she enjoyed her professional commitments, the stronger her guilt became for not being with her daughter. "The mom's guilt was compounding by the day. It was a struggle that felt more difficult than any part of the filming itself." However, the conversation took a hopeful turn when Rousey spoke about motherhood's profound impact on her mental health.

She mentioned being happier now that her focus is more on her daughter than herself. It's a shift that has mitigated her tendencies towards self-criticism. "Being a mother has made me healthier mentally. It's made me stop beating myself up because I'm so concerned with caring for her. I guess I've become more considerate," Rousey contemplated.

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