Kevin Nash: Contrasting World Championship Focus in WWE and AEW

Kevin Nash's Critique Sheds Light on Championship Treatment.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Nash: Contrasting World Championship Focus in WWE and AEW

In a recent episode of the "Kliq This" podcast, wrestling veteran Kevin Nash provided intriguing insights into how All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) handle their respective World Championships.

Nash's observations shed light on the divergent approaches taken by the two promotions. During the podcast, Nash recounted a pivotal moment on the go-home episode before AEW's "Double or Nothing" pay-per-view. He highlighted MJF's promo, where he emphasized being an original and having built AEW from the ground up, but quickly adjusted his tone.

Nash described how the AEW World Champion regained the crowd's support before being interrupted by Darby Allin. The segment escalated into a physical confrontation, with MJF wielding the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

Kevin Nash Worries

Nash expressed his concerns about the segment, particularly about the championship itself.

He questioned the inclusion of unnecessary run-ins by Sammy Guevara and "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, as they did not elevate the title's significance. Nash found it disheartening when "Jungle Boy" casually picked up the face-down World Championship title, seemingly neglected and devoid of any reverence.

In Nash's view, the belt becomes a mere prop without symbolic importance. Comparatively, Nash drew attention to how WWE has treated its new World Heavyweight Championship. The title was awarded to Seth Rollins at Night of Champions after an intense clash with A.J.

Styles. Nash emphasized that the short build-up leading to the match revolved around the championship and the question of who deserves it. According to Nash, the treatment of the AEW World Championship in the build-up to the "Four Pillars" title match for Double or Nothing stood in stark contrast to WWE's approach.

He went as far as to describe the two companies' treatments of their titles as exact opposites. Nash's remarks highlight the importance of fostering a sense of prestige and significance around wrestling championships. While AEW's approach in the segment he discussed fell short of elevating the title, WWE's focus on the World Heavyweight Championship conveyed a sense of worthiness and importance.

As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, handling championships plays a crucial role in shaping the narratives and maintaining the viewers' investment in the product.

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