Kazuchika Okada Unfamiliar with Bryan Danielson's AEW and WWE Run


Kazuchika Okada Unfamiliar with Bryan Danielson's AEW and WWE Run
Kazuchika Okada Unfamiliar with Bryan Danielson's AEW and WWE Run

Wrestling enthusiasts were left salivating with excitement on Sunday as Bryan Danielson made a surprise cameo appearance at NJPW Dominion, extending a challenge to none other than Kazuchika Okada for a highly-anticipated match at Forbidden Door 2.

Adding to the global fervor, Okada officially accepted Danielson's challenge during a press conference held on Tuesday, offering fans around the world a reason to rejoice. During the press conference, when asked to express his admiration for his contemporary, Okada's response took many by surprise.

He openly confessed to being unfamiliar with Danielson's wrestling style, admitting that he hadn't closely followed "The American Dragon's" performances in promotions like AEW and WWE. "To be honest, I haven't really immersed myself in Bryan's work in AEW or WWE, so I can't confidently assess the kind of wrestler he is," Okada candidly revealed.

"However, that's precisely why I'm looking forward to this match. I recognize that he may not be the tallest or biggest guy, yet he has risen to the pinnacle of those companies, achieving championship status. This demonstrates his prowess in the ring and his remarkable charisma."

Okada Amplifies Danielson's Stature

Okada further emphasized Danielson's widespread fame by referencing the resounding "yes" chants that echoed through Osaka Jo Hall, a testament to the far-reaching recognition of Danielson's name even among fans who don't typically watch American wrestling.

Eagerly anticipating their encounter, Okada expressed his determination to emerge victorious. While the match between Okada and Danielson won't be contested for any championship titles, Okada emphasized that it was a battle to determine "the real Best in the World." Danielson had previously challenged Okada's reputation as "the best wrestler of this generation," and made it abundantly clear that Okada would find himself in uncharted territory if he dared to accept his challenge, metaphorically stating he would be "getting into the f—ing desert." In a somewhat cruel twist of fate, Danielson was forced to miss the inaugural Forbidden Door due to an injury, causing disappointment among fans who were eagerly anticipating his participation.

However, with both competitors now locked in for Forbidden Door 2, the anticipation has reached fever pitch as fans prepare for an unforgettable clash between two highly esteemed wrestling icons. With Okada's acceptance and his candid admission regarding his limited exposure to Danielson's recent work, the stage is set for a clash of styles and an opportunity for both competitors to showcase their skills, leaving wrestling fans across the globe eagerly awaiting the moment when the forbidden door swings wide open.

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