Ace Steel Sees Steiner Spirit in Bron Breakker at WWE PC!


Ace Steel Sees Steiner Spirit in Bron Breakker at WWE PC!
Ace Steel Sees Steiner Spirit in Bron Breakker at WWE PC!

Ace Steel, currently a producer for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and former coach at the WWE Performance Center, recently shared his insights on the tryouts of some of today's prominent WWE NXT talents, specifically highlighting Bronson Steiner, better known as Bron Breakker.

Speaking on "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," Steel discussed his observations during Steiner's tryout and expressed his thoughts on the rising star. Reflecting on the grueling nature of the tryouts, Steel acknowledged that specific individuals displayed readiness and natural talent.

Steiner stood out despite limited training at the time with his innate abilities. One aspect that caught Steel's attention was Steiner's remarkable command of the ring ropes, reminiscent of his legendary father. The resemblance wasn't limited to physical prowess alone; Steiner's vocal tone bore an uncanny resemblance to his father, Scott Steiner.

Steel affirmed that Steiner possessed the qualities of a top-notch performer and confidently predicted a prosperous future for him.

Breakker's NXT Reign Ends, Future Uncertain

Bron Breakker's most recent appearance occurred at NXT Battleground on May 28, where he bravely challenged Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship, albeit falling short.

Before his defeat, Breakker had an impressive 362-day reign as the NXT Champion during his second title run. While Breakker was absent from the latest episode of NXT, the wrestling world eagerly awaits his next move. Following his departure from WWE last year amid allegations of a backstage altercation after the All Out pay-per-view, Ace Steel has found himself in the fold of AEW.

Notably, he shares a close friendship with the returning superstar CM Punk. Reports suggest that Steel and Punk might contribute to the creative side of AEW's upcoming event, "AEW Collision." With Punk set to make his highly anticipated return on June 17, their involvement promises an exciting collaboration.

As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, the experiences and perspectives of seasoned professionals like Ace Steel shed light on the remarkable talents emerging from WWE NXT. Bron Breakker, with his evident potential and family lineage, stands poised to make a significant impact in the world of professional wrestling, captivating fans with his exceptional skills and dynamic persona.

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