UFC Champ may pursue WWE career post-retirement.


UFC Champ may pursue WWE career post-retirement.

The transition from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to professional wrestling is a concept that has been introduced previously, and there's a long history of performers moving between these domains. UFC legends like Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn laid the groundwork for this crossover in the 1990s, and contemporary figures such as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler have embraced this lineage, seamlessly transitioning from the Octagon to the WWE ring.

Now, the world may be on the cusp of witnessing another similar transition, with current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, Amanda Nunes, considering the possibility. In an interview with the New York Post, Nunes didn't avoid entertaining the prospect of stepping into the wrestling ring, emphasizing her openness towards a potential post-UFC career in WWE.

However, Nunes quickly clarified that the contract would have to be 'amazing' for her to make such a move.

Nunes Contemplates WWE Future

"Is there a reason why not?" she pondered? "In the world of MMA, I have achieved more than I ever imagined possible.

I initially desired a single championship, and against all odds, I became a double champion. I have garnered immense happiness from my career thus far, and I am excited about what the future holds post-UFC. You will likely see me in action, albeit in a different arena." There's a certain poetic charm in the possibility of Nunes following in Rousey's footsteps, given that Nunes was the second and final opponent to defeat Rousey in the UFC, clinching the victory through a TKO in the grand finale of UFC 207 back in 2016.

More importantly, Nunes has proven her mettle in the UFC Women's Bantamweight division. She held the title from July 2016 until Julianna Peña bested her in December 2021. Yet, demonstrating her resilient spirit and extraordinary talent, Nunes bounced back from her loss by reclaiming her title in a rematch with Peña in July 2022, a part of the popular show, "The Ultimate Fighter." Nunes's potential move to WWE adds another fascinating chapter in the intertwining narratives of MMA and professional wrestling, and fans will be eager to see what the future holds for this remarkable athlete.