Roman Reigns' Title Celebration Boosts WWE Ratings


Roman Reigns' Title Celebration Boosts WWE Ratings

On the occasion of WWE's Night of Champions, Roman Reigns achieved a staggering milestone of 1,000 days as Universal Champion, a feat previously achieved by Hulk Hogan nearly four decades ago. However, the celebration of this remarkable achievement was momentarily eclipsed by an unforeseen incident - Jimmy Uso, a member of his "Tribal Chief" group, surprised the Champion with two super kicks to the face.

Cody Rhodes' prophecy to Reigns began to unfold at Night of Champions as Jimmy Uso dramatically deserted his Tribal Chief. The fallout was carried to SmackDown, where a grand title celebration was organized to honor Roman Reigns' extraordinary accomplishment.

Triple H, a legend in his own right, bestowed upon Reigns a brand new WWE Universal Championship belt, cementing his place in the annals of wrestling history. The Bloodline, consisting of Reigns and the Usos, took the stage to reassert their unity and the mutual respect they share.

Solo Sikoa, who had previously kept a low profile, appeared to ally with his brothers. A brief semblance of harmony was restored when Reigns and Jimmy Uso shared a reconciliatory embrace. Nevertheless, Reigns, known for his ruthless self-interest, threw a wrench in the peace process by allowing Sikoa to land a brutal Samoan Spike on Jimmy Uso, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with the ongoing drama.

SmackDown Ratings Skyrocket with Reigns"

According to Showbuzz Daily, the intrigue around The Bloodline storyline and Reigns' monumental celebration attracted an astounding 2.563 million viewers to SmackDown. This represented an impressive 18% increase from the previous week's ratings and the highest viewership since John Cena's last SmackDown appearance in 2022.

The key 18-49 demographic was equally captivated, with SmackDown earning an impressive 0.73 rating - the highest of all TV programming that night - marking a substantial 40.4% increase from the previous week. Brandon Thurston, a respected figure in Wrestlenomics, further revealed that the final quarter of the episode, which highlighted Roman Reigns' Championship Celebration, drew an average of 2.9 million viewers.

The thriving storyline and fan-favorite characters undeniably led to a successful night for the WWE, propelling its ratings to new heights.

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