WWE Fans Demand John Cena Final Match with SmackDown Star After 13 Years

John Cena recently highlighted the admirable qualities of Edge.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Fans Demand John Cena Final Match with SmackDown Star After 13 Years

John Cena's heartfelt comments on WWE Hall of Famer Edge have set the stage for a potential reprise of their famous feud in wrestling entertainment. A veritable tide of fan sentiment has emerged, craving another spectacular face-off between these iconic figures.

The WWE recently aired a captivating snippet on its official Twitter feed. This video clip featured Cena, the former WWE Champion, sharing his deep-seated respect for Edge, one of his most formidable adversaries. His genuine emotion was palpable as he moved to tears while extolling the virtues of his one-time rival.

Cena's High Praise for Edge

Cena expressed his hopes that everyone fully grasps the magnitude of talent and the humanistic nature embodied by Edge, whose real name is Adam Copeland. The wrestling legend, who had an illustrious career as a 16-time world champion, didn't hold back on his praise for Edge.

He lauded his fellow ring veteran as a remarkable performer and an exceptionally "great human being." Cena's heartfelt tribute to Edge was met with an outpouring response from the WWE Universe, the term coined for WWE's dedicated fanbase.

A wave of fans seized the opportunity to express their hopes of witnessing one final match between the two wrestling titans. The mere suggestion of these two legends, once more squaring off inside the wrestling ring, sent the fans into a frenzy of anticipation.

To refresh the collective memory of wrestling fans, the last one-on-one confrontation between Cena and Edge unfolded on the WWE RAW episode aired on September 20, 2010. Cena had the last laugh that night, emerging victorious from the thrilling encounter.

However, given the mutual respect between the two, a rematch would surely be a spectacle, regardless of the outcome. In the wake of Cena's heartfelt tribute to Edge and the enthusiastic reaction of the WWE Universe, it's clear that a rematch would undoubtedly serve as an homage to the grand wrestling legacy these two have created.

As we wait to see what unfolds, it's undeniable that the possibility alone has added electrifying energy to the WWE fandom.

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