Rob Van Dam Hopes for Sabu's WWE Hall of Fame Induction in 2024


Rob Van Dam Hopes for Sabu's WWE Hall of Fame Induction in 2024

Rob Van Dam, fondly known by his fans as 'The Whole F'in Show,' expressed his thoughts on the potential WWE Hall of Fame induction of his ECW legend colleague, Sabu, during a recent episode of his podcast, "1 Of A Kind With RVD." Van Dam initially talked about Sabu's contemporary involvement with AEW, which involved an electrifying appearance at the company's Double or Nothing pay-per-view event.

"I was aware that he'd be making a debut on Wednesday, and after that, his involvement on Sunday was something I also anticipated," Van Dam said, reflecting on Sabu's trajectory in the wrestling circuit.

Sabu's Potential WWE Hall Induction

As the conversation shifted towards next year's WrestleMania 40, the possibility of Sabu being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame was broached.

Considering the event's location in Philadelphia, a city integral to the history of ECW, the subject seemed more than fitting. Van Dam expressed his optimism, saying, "Absolutely, it could happen," but he insisted that Sabu maintain a positive outlook leading up to the event.

"He needs to ride a wave of positive energy for a while," Van Dam stated, underscoring the role of momentum and positivity in the wrestling business. As the podcast session continued, Van Dam switched topics, touching on an old incident involving New Jack and Junkyard Dog from ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998.

He recalled his disappointment when New Jack punched Junkyard Dog, allegedly over a petty financial dispute.
"I was troubled by New Jack's behavior," Van Dam confessed. "Rumor had it that JYD had stiffed New Jack, perhaps over 50 bucks intended for some coke.

It was a chaotic situation, typical of the drama New Jack was infamous for." Van Dam recalled New Jack's constant exclamations of 'He comes up on me!' which became an enduring inside joke among the wrestling community. "I was disheartened, considering JYD was one of the original personalities I admired growing up.

It seemed disrespectful, though the exact circumstances remain unclear." In essence, Rob Van Dam's reflections reveal not just the volatility of the wrestling industry but also its deep sense of camaraderie and respect, underlining the hopes for Sabu's deserved recognition at the upcoming WrestleMania.

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