WWE NXT Stars Eager to Collaborate with Unattached Talent


WWE NXT Stars Eager to Collaborate with Unattached Talent

Baron Corbin and Mustafa Ali, two prominent WWE wrestlers who remained unsigned after the WWE Draft, appeared surprisingly on the May 30th episode of WWE NXT. Their involvement in NXT has been a part of a deliberate plan, according to a recent report from Fightful Select.

The decision to keep them off the draft was intentional, as the company had long-standing plans for them to work in the developmental brand. Mustafa Ali emerged in the crowd during the episode, while North American Champion Wes Lee teamed up with Tyler Bate against The Dyad.

Later, Ali came to Lee and Bate's aid when The Schism assaulted them. On the other hand, Baron Corbin appeared after Carmelo Hayes successfully defended his NXT Championship against Noam Dar in the main event. Corbin executed an impressive End of Days on Hayes, leaving the champion sprawled on the mat, before triumphantly posing with the NXT Title.

Preconceived NXT Plan for Corbin and Ali

The report from Fightful Select suggests that the decision to have Corbin and Ali work in NXT had been in the works for quite some time. This explains why they were not drafted to either Raw or SmackDown.

While some skepticism arose due to past instances where free agents were overlooked, the report indicates that this time around, there was a concrete plan in place for Corbin and Ali. Interestingly, Fightful reveals that several NXT superstars requested the opportunity to collaborate with Mustafa Ali, who graciously accepted their invitations.

The presence of these free agents in NXT serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps generate brand interest and offers Corbin and Ali a fresh environment. Secondly, it allows the company to evaluate the talent within NXT by observing how they interact with wrestlers with extensive experience on the main roster.

While Corbin and Ali are expected to continue their NXT stint for a significant period, the report clarifies that this move is not intended to be permanent. Given their free-agent status, they could still be called upon to perform on Raw or SmackDown when necessary.

Overall, this strategic decision to incorporate Baron Corbin and Mustafa Ali into NXT is aimed at bolstering the developmental brand, rejuvenating the wrestlers themselves, and providing a valuable learning experience for the NXT talent who have the chance to collaborate with established performers from the main roster.

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