NXT Stars Seek Collaboration with Free Agent Wrestler

WWE's NXT welcomes unexpected faces, sparking strategic intrigue.

by Noman Rasool
NXT Stars Seek Collaboration with Free Agent Wrestler

The wrestling world was rocked on May 30th when Mustafa Ali and Baron Corbin graced the WWE NXT ring with unexpected appearances, shedding light on an intriguing new strategy within the organization. The episode showcased North American Champion Wes Lee teaming with Tyler Bate against The Dyad.

Mustafa Ali emerged from the crowd, assisting Lee and Bate against their attackers, The Schism. On the same night, Corbin entered after Carmelo Hayes retained his NXT Championship against Noam Dar. Corbin stunned the crowd, delivering an impressive End of Days to Hayes, then posing with the coveted NXT Title.

Strategic NXT Incorporation of Free Agents

Corbin and Ali, free agents following the WWE Draft, remained undrafted, a strategic move outlined in a recent Fightful Select report. It was revealed that WWE intended to leverage its talents in its developmental promotion.

The undrafted status was not an oversight but part of a broader plan to incorporate these seasoned stars into NXT. One insider quoted by Fightful suggested, "Despite some skepticism around the free agent tags from the previous regime, this time, there was a more purposeful plan." The report also pointed out that several NXT superstars had explicitly requested to collaborate with Ali, an offer he was glad to accept.

These appearances by the free agents were for more than show. They served multiple objectives:

  • Enhancing NXT's appeal
  • Refreshing the personas of Corbin and Ali within a new setting
  • Evaluating the skill set of the NXT talent pool
  • Allowing NXT stars the invaluable experience of working with main roster pros
Fightful Select further indicated that Corbin and Ali would likely remain in NXT indefinitely.

However, considering their free agent status, it isn't deemed a permanent transition, allowing flexibility for them to participate in Raw or SmackDown as necessary. This strategic development within WWE's recruitment process underscores the organization's commitment to nurturing its future talent, capitalizing on established stars' skills and experience to create a dynamic and exciting NXT platform.