Cavinder Twins Debut on WWE TV Show


Cavinder Twins Debut on WWE TV Show

On Tuesday, basketball standouts and TikTok sensations the Cavinder twins, Haley and Hanna, made their much-anticipated debut on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) stage during WWE's weekly NXT program. Though not formally contracted to wrestle, the 22-year-old twins' alignment with WWE has sparked considerable excitement within the company and among their substantial 4.5 million TikTok followers.

The Cavinders rose to prominence through TikTok and a successful college basketball career. They recently concluded their time on the court at the University of Miami, where they propelled the team to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

Following this achievement, the twins announced they would not pursue their fifth year of college basketball eligibility, opting to "start a new chapter" instead. The possibility of this chapter being penned in the wrestling ring was teased when the twins took to social media, hinting at their potential as a new favorite tag team.

Cavinders' Initial WWE Partnership

In late 2021, the Cavaliers signed a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) agreement with WWE, marking their formal entry into professional wrestling. However, their in-ring roles are still undefined, and they have not officially declared any intention to become wrestling performers.

An insider at WWE confirmed to PEOPLE that the twins maintain an active NIL agreement with the wrestling franchise, but they still need to secure a developmental or main roster contract. The source also revealed that Haley and Hanna are slated to visit WWE's Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, along with seven other NIL recruits.

This visit aims to acquaint them with the facility and gain a deeper understanding of the wrestling giant's operations. The WWE official also hinted at an upcoming tryout for the NIL recruits, a common pathway for aspiring WWE performers.

If successful, these recruits could commence training at the Performance Center and progress through the NXT brand, with the ultimate goal of joining the main roster of WWE's Raw and SmackDown shows. In the wake of the Cavinders' NXT debut, WWE expressed excitement about the buzz generated online, signaling the twins' potential to boost their brand significantly.

The Cavinder twins have already benefited from their TikTok popularity, earning an estimated $1.7 million from endorsement deals. Their successful partnerships with brands such as Crocs, GoPuff, Champs Sports, Venmo, Boost Mobile, Raising Canes, and Intuit Turbotax testify to their marketability and the potential benefits their association could bring to WWE. Their journey from college basketball stars to likely wrestling sensations will be one to watch.