Konnan Unfiltered Critique of WWE's Women's Division


Konnan Unfiltered Critique of WWE's Women's Division

Konnan, renowned AAA booker and former WCW star, has expressed dissatisfaction with the recent booking decisions regarding the WWE women's division. Venting his frustrations on his "K100" podcast, Konnan didn't hold back in criticizing the creative direction of the division, mainly focusing on Bianca Belair, while commending the compelling storyline featuring Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus.

Konnan didn't hesitate to dissect the current affairs in the WWE women's division. He pointed out that Natalya's character has become stagnant and expressed confusion over the inconsistent pairings of Raquel and Shotzi, who were previously aligned with Liv Morgan and Aliyah.

Konnan reserved his praise for Lynch and Stratus, acknowledging their captivating narrative as the standout storyline amidst the mediocrity. However, he attributed the lackluster presentation of Belair to creative missteps, clarifying that it was not the fault of the talented athlete herself.

Konnan even suggested that a heel turn might inject much-needed freshness into Belair's character.

Belair's Title Reign Ends: Intense Retaliation Follows

Belair, who recently defended her "WWE Raw" Women's Championship against Asuka at WWE Night of Champions on May 27, suffered a defeat, ending her historic title reign.

The following week on "WWE SmackDown," Belair retaliated by attacking Asuka during an interview with Grayson Waller, making it clear that her rivalry with the former champion is far from over. Meanwhile, Lynch and Stratus also clashed at Night of Champions, with Stratus securing the victory, aided by Zoey Stark.

Lynch subsequently earned a coveted spot in the upcoming Money in the Bank match by triumphing over Sonya Deville on a recent episode of "Raw." The determined former champion expressed how winning the Money in the Bank briefcase would significantly impact her career.

Nevertheless, the unresolved animosity between Lynch and Stratus suggests another electrifying showdown is on the horizon. Konnan's candid critique reminds us that the WWE women's division has room for improvement despite the occasional bright spots.

The feedback from industry insiders like Konnan sheds light on the fans' desire for consistently engaging storylines and character development, emphasizing the importance of creative decisions that can elevate the division to new heights.