Mick Foley Asserts That This WWE Superstar Is Overlooked By Everyone


Mick Foley Asserts That This WWE Superstar Is Overlooked By Everyone

Seth Rollins, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, enjoys a sensational stride in his professional wrestling career. Commanding thunderous applause from the crowd and sporting a new championship belt, Rollins, popularly known as "The Visionary," is undoubtedly in an impressive phase of his journey.

However, this meteoric rise was preceded by a time when Rollins was not considered a flagship star of the WWE. During a recent episode of "Foley is Pod," the iconic Mick Foley expressed his viewpoint that the professional wrestling world had taken Rollins for granted.

"We undervalued him. He's an extraordinary performer," Foley confessed. "I must admit, Seth didn't even make it to my top five list last year. However, his steady development and commitment to character growth have been inspiring.

I remember the initial reactions of many who labeled it as wrestling's most embarrassing stint. I disagreed, saying, 'He's onto something and giving it his all.' Watching him evolve has been truly exhilarating."

"Rollins' Resurgence: Character Reinvention"

Seth Rollins last emerged as the main event star in 2019, clinching the Universal Championship title.

He started the year strong, winning the men's Royal Rumble match and defeating Brock Lesnar twice. However, his momentum faltered during a feud with Bray Wyatt later that year. With a brilliant reimagining of his character, Rollins has once again captured the fans' hearts, despite the flamboyant antics of his current on-screen persona.

Foley parallels Rollins' current character and that of WWE Hall of Famer Edge. "Rollins reminds me of Edge at the height of his career, where he embraced everything with gusto," Foley remarked. "At first, Rollins' new persona seemed somewhat eccentric, but he stuck with it, truly believing in it.

Though I'm not as avid a wrestling viewer as I used to be, I recognize that Rollins has reached a stage where his in-ring talent and character have seamlessly blended." Foley also addressed the speculation about other potential top champions on "WWE Raw." With Roman Reigns have dominated both world titles for over a year, it's plausible to consider other wrestlers being overlooked.

Despite some fans favoring Cody Rhodes, Foley believes Rhodes is currently well-positioned in his ongoing feud with Brock Lesnar. He stated, "I firmly believe the title shouldn't go to Cody yet. His current feud with Lesnar is bolstering his credibility. There will be a moment when he will unquestionably be deemed deserving of the championship."

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