Jimmy Korderas: WWE World Heavyweight Title's Lack of Importance

Veteran referee Jimmy Korderas voices concerns over championship prominence.

by Noman Rasool
Jimmy Korderas: WWE World Heavyweight Title's Lack of Importance

In a recent installment of his "Reffin Rant," esteemed WWE referee Jimmy Korderas shared his concerns about the perceived lack of importance surrounding the newly reintroduced World Heavyweight Championship. Despite WWE's efforts to promote the title and its current champion Seth Rollins, Korderas believes it fails to resonate as a significant accolade within the company.

Korderas acknowledged the commendable job done by WWE in building interest around the newly created World Heavyweight Championship, focusing on elevating Seth Rollins as a prominent star. However, he expressed his disappointment by stating, "They're trying to pump his tires huge, and yes, Seth Rollins is a big star, but the title doesn't feel like it's important."

World Heavyweight Championship: A Secondary Concern

One of the key factors contributing to Korderas' viewpoint is the comparison between the World Heavyweight Championship and Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The World Heavyweight Championship lingers as a secondary belt, a concern initially raised by AJ Styles and shared by many others. Korderas highlighted the need for a balanced approach, with one title needing to be featured more on television and the other potentially being overexposed.

The concept behind Rollins' title reign is centered around it being a workhorse belt that is defended regularly. This intent has already been demonstrated as Rollins recently defended his championship against Damian Priest on an episode of "WWE Raw." Moreover, the title's significance has been emphasized by the challenges issued by Bron Breakker on "WWE NXT" and Finn Balor's expressed desire for a shot at the prestigious belt.

WWE is actively investing efforts to establish the World Heavyweight Championship as a coveted prize in the eyes of the fans. Jimmy Korderas has raised valid concerns about the World Heavyweight Championship's perceived lack of importance within WWE.

Despite WWE's endeavors to create interest and elevate Seth Rollins as a deserving champion, Korderas believes the title needs to resonate as a significant part of the product. The constant comparison with the Universal Championship and the need for a balanced approach further contribute to the apprehensions surrounding the World Heavyweight Championship.

Nevertheless, WWE continues to establish the title's credibility through traditional defenses and notable challenges, aiming to prove skeptics wrong and solidify the World Heavyweight Championship's status as a prestigious prize in professional wrestling.

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