Eric Bischoff on Sting's Post-WCW Decision to Avoid WWE


Eric Bischoff on Sting's Post-WCW Decision to Avoid WWE

During the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff provided intriguing insights about his former colleague, 'The Icon' Sting, speculating why he refrained from joining WWE immediately after the dissolution of WCW.

Bischoff, who shared a close working relationship with Sting, was not shocked by Sting's deliberative decision-making process. Bischoff characterizes Sting, born Steve Borden, as an extremely private individual. From Bischoff's perspective, Sting's guarded nature was clearly evident, especially within the locker room environment.

He wasn't overly communicative about his thoughts or plans, which added an aura of mystery around him.

Sting's Distrust Towards WWE

Digging deeper into his interpretation of Sting's decision, Bischoff suggested that a potential lack of trust towards WWE could have been a major deterrent.

Sting, being extremely cautious, may have harbored concerns about how he would be utilized within the WWE framework. Throughout the years, Sting had intermittent dialogues with WWE officials, yet he never decisively committed to the brand.

Bischoff postulates that this could be due to Sting's inability to trust WWE's process entirely or a general discomfort with the organization. Nevertheless, Sting eventually transitioned to WWE in 2014 after a considerable tenure in TNA.

His WWE stint was marked by noteworthy events, such as his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, a dramatic face-off with Triple H at WrestleMania 31, and an audacious challenge against Seth Rollins for the coveted WWE Championship at Night of Champions 2015.

In a surprising move, Sting signed with AEW in 2020, where he continues to contribute to the wrestling industry's dynamism. Bischoff's account gives us a deeper understanding of Sting's career trajectory, revealing how the wrestling titan's guarded nature and desire for trust influenced his professional decisions.

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