The Bloodline Storyline: Kurt Angle's Praise and Critique

Kurt Angle praises The Bloodline storyline in WWE, hailing it as the best in recent years, while expressing his thoughts on Roman Reigns' lengthy title reign.

by Noman Rasool
The Bloodline Storyline: Kurt Angle's Praise and Critique

Kurt Angle, a previous WWE hotshot and Olympic Legend has communicated his deference for the continuous storyline, including The Bloodline group in WWE. Talking on his Kurt Angle digital recording, angle commended the enthralling adventure between Roman Rules, Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman, and The Usos, hailing it as the best thing the organization has done lately.

Nonetheless, Angle conceded that he feels Rules' reality title rule has been excessively lengthy. Angle praised The Bloodline story's imaginative heading, saying, "It [The Bloodline story] is the best thing they have done over the most recent few years.

I was truly thinking, [if] Roman planned to hold the title for such a long time — and not that I'm against it, but rather I believe it's excessively lengthy. However, having these folks turn on Roman … what a great storyline.

They just transformed s*** into Shinola; they truly did." While Angle recognized his qualms about Rules' extensive title rule, he explained that he accepts Rules should be champion. He appreciated how the storyline charmed fans, saying, "I'm not saying that Roman being champion is s***.

He should be champion, he is the man, yet they had the option to transform this into a mind-blowing storyline that the fans are truly into, and this is the sort of thing they required at present."

The Bloodline: Kurt Angle's Praise and Creative Insights

In discussing the creative flow behind The Bloodline storyline, Angle credited Paul Heyman, Rules' on-screen consultant, for his commitments.

Angle expressed, "Paul [Heyman] is certainly a big piece of this [creative process]. I believe many of his thoughts are coming through this moment." Angle likewise uncovered his longing to frame a band with individual WWE star Chris Jericho during the web recording, displaying his different advantages past wrestling.

Kurt Angle's applause for The Bloodline storyline features the effect and progress of the continuous adventure, including Roman Rules and his family group. With Heyman's imaginative information and Rules' predominant title rule, the storyline has reverberated with fans and set Reigns' situation as one of the top stars in WWE.

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