Seth Rollins Questions New World Heavyweight Championship


Seth Rollins Questions New World Heavyweight Championship

In the wake of Roman Reigns' unification of the WWE and Universal Championships at WrestleMania 38 and his shift to a part-time contractual role, the WWE Raw brand desperately needed a leading male champion. Despite speculations that Cody Rhodes might overthrow Reigns, the championships remained in the Tribal Chief's reign even after WrestleMania 39.

Consequently, WWE felt compelled to create a new World Heavyweight Championship for Raw. The necessity arose not merely from Reigns' unbeatable dominance and intermittent appearances but as an important move given the WWE roster's depth and talent level.

Rollins Defends New Championship Status"

When Seth Rollins, the current holder of the new belt, appeared on the show "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling," he was asked about the implications surrounding the new World Heavyweight Championship.

Some perceived it as a 'work rate title,' suggesting its stature below the Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship. Rollins, however, had a different perspective. Countering the understated view, Rollins emphasized, "The title exists primarily due to our roster being abundantly packed with talent.

With only one part-time champion, it becomes an unviable situation. There's an overload of worthy contenders, individuals who could effectively hold this championship, and that precisely justifies the title's existence." Rollins went on to clarify that if the roster was deficient or the events were lackluster, one reigning champ might have been enough.

But the reality contradicts this scenario. WWE's popularity is skyrocketing, with events selling globally, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Paris, France, to Mexico City. Such a high level of competition demands a World Heavyweight Champion on the men's side.

Rollins also expressed his determination to elevate this new title to the highest echelons of wrestling championships. He acknowledged, "We're not oblivious that this will require diligent work. However, our crew roster is ready to invest the time and effort to make it as significant as it deserves." Rollins' insights thus reflect the WWE's vision for the new World Heavyweight Championship, underscoring the role of the overflowing talent in the roster and the ambition to make it as prestigious as any championship in wrestling.

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