Paul Heyman Discusses Roman Reigns' Frustration with WWE Creative Team

Delving into Roman Reigns' decision to take a WWE hiatus.

by Noman Rasool
Paul Heyman Discusses Roman Reigns' Frustration with WWE Creative Team

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe in early 2020, every sphere of life, including professional wrestling, felt its impact. DESPITE THE GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS, the WWE proceeded with its scheduled shows. Still, some of its high-profile talents, including Roman Reigns, elected not to participate during these uncertain months.

Paul Heyman, a revered WWE figure and a known advocate for Reigns, revealed in a recent interview with "Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin" that Reigns' hiatus was fueled not only by health concerns but also by his growing discontentment with WWE's creative direction.

"I was serving as the executive director at that point, and Roman Reigns decided to take some time off," Heyman began. "Considering his health condition, he was understandably hesitant about exposing himself to the ongoing pandemic, which we hadn't yet fully comprehended.

Concurrently, his dissatisfaction with the WWE creative reached a boiling point."

Reigns' Creative Discontentment Unveiled

Heyman, often seen endorsing Reigns both on and off the screen, further delved into Reigns' mindset during his break from the ring.

The acclaimed performer had reached the end of his rope with his current WWE storyline, notably his rivalry with Baron Corbin and a particularly cringe-worthy 'suffering succotash' promo. Heyman recalled Reigns' sentiments, "The rivalry with Baron Corbin and that wretched dog food incident had made him realize that his character, 'The Big Dog,' had reached its zenith.

He had yet to peak as an athlete, and as a performer, he was only starting to tap into his full potential. He realized that he had more to offer and decided that when he made his return, it wouldn't be the same person." In the quest for his defining moment, akin to Brock Lesnar's monumental win streak, Reigns would eventually return to the WWE with a reinvented persona.

He embraced the heel role, referring to himself as "The Tribal Chief," thus marking the beginning of The Bloodline era, which continues to evolve. The ongoing storyline features a tense standoff between Reigns and his cousins, The Usos.

The narrative is brimming with anticipation as Jimmy Uso is currently at odds with Reigns, their brother Solo Sikoa sides with "The Tribal Chief," and Jey Uso faces a pivotal decision on the upcoming episode of "WWE SmackDown."

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