Roman Reigns Stars in 2024 Paris Olympics Ad


Roman Reigns Stars in 2024 Paris Olympics Ad
Roman Reigns Stars in 2024 Paris Olympics Ad

Wrestling superstar Roman Reigns is already planning for July 2024, leaving a clear gap in his busy schedule. The reason? None other than the Summer Olympics, slated to take place in Paris. Known in the ring as "The Tribal Chief," Reigns has made it clear that he has no intention of missing the world's most prestigious sporting event.

Recently, NBC Sports unveiled a teaser campaign for the upcoming Olympics, with the theme revolving around celebrities clearing their schedules to ensure uninterrupted viewing of the Games. Among those featured in the promotional spot, alongside iconic personalities such as Dolly Parton and a Minion character, were Roman Reigns and his long-time advocate, Paul Heyman.

In the promotion, Heyman boldly asserted, "Roman Reigns will defend his title against anyone, anytime," only for Reigns to humorously interjects, "except next July."

Paris Preps for the 2024 Olympics

The upcoming Olympics, the 33rd of its kind, will unfold from July 26 to August 11 in 2024.

The City of Lights won the bid to host back in 2017, successfully outpacing contenders such as Los Angeles, Budapest, and Rome. Even though the Summer Olympics is still a considerable time away, speculation is rife about whether Reigns will still hold the prestigious title of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion when the Games roll around.

Currently, Reigns' reign extends past the 1,000-day mark, an impressive feat in professional wrestling. However, this presupposes his successful navigation through another WrestleMania event, where he may face off again against formidable contender Cody Rhodes.

Reigns' current work schedule is significantly more restricted than in earlier years, shrinking the window of opportunities for other challengers to snatch his title before he goes on hiatus to enjoy the Summer Games. The closer we approach July next year, the lesser the opportunities become, raising the stakes for each next match.

Therefore, as the wrestling world eagerly anticipates next year's Summer Olympics, not just for the Games but for the anticipated absence of one of their brightest stars, it seems the Roman Empire is set to extend its reign inside the wrestling ring and on the Olympic screen.

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