Hulk Hogan Mourns Iron Sheik's Death

Wrestling world bids adieu to the legendary Iron Sheik.

by Atia Mukhtar
Hulk Hogan Mourns Iron Sheik's Death

Each hero needs a compelling villain in the grand theater of professional wrestling. With his unforgettable personality and undeniable talent, the Iron Sheik provided that necessary antagonist, facilitating the rise of Hulkamania during the 1980s.

Yesterday, the wrestling world lost this legendary figure, and Today, Hulk Hogan, the protagonist of his most compelling narratives, took to Instagram to pay homage. Hogan's tribute illuminates the unique bond they shared, known only to their fellow wrestling peers.

Accompanying the heartfelt tribute was a fitting photo – Hogan grimacing under the pressure of Sheik's signature move, the Camel Clutch. Hogan's message was heartfelt and emotional: "Today, we honor a wrestling icon's legacy.

Rest in peace, Iron Sheik. Your contributions to wrestling will forever echo in the ring. Our legendary rivalry, intense matches, and shared camaraderie will remain cherished memories. Your charisma and passion made you unforgettable to fans worldwide.

Your legacy will inspire countless generations of aspiring wrestlers."

Sheik's Playful Claim to Hulkamania

The late Iron Sheik, during his life, was known for his playful jibes about "making Hulkamania." He often stated, sometimes in jest, that Hogan's towering success was essentially his doing.

This banter was part of their on-screen personas, which Hogan acknowledged during a notorious, profanity-filled argument on "The Howard Stern Show" in 2008. Despite the heated exchange, they ended the show by affirming their love for each other – a testament to their shared history and mutual respect.

Hogan's tribute is the latest spotlight on The Iron Sheik's impactful life and legacy. Over the past day, many in the wrestling world have shared their heartfelt reminiscences of "Sheiky Baby." Numerous wrestlers and personalities, some of whom worked closely with The Sheik or shared laughter off-stage, have paid their respects to a friend who shaped their careers and the sport they love.

In a world of theatrical battles, Hogan and The Iron Sheik showed that rivalries could create enduring bonds that transcend the ring. Their story is a testament to the rich tapestry of professional wrestling and the shared human experiences behind it.

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