Roman Reigns Responds to Fan's Acknowledgement Request in Touching Video


Roman Reigns Responds to Fan's Acknowledgement Request in Touching Video
Roman Reigns Responds to Fan's Acknowledgement Request in Touching Video

Adding a dash of humanity to the world of professional wrestling, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, has recognized a small child named Magnificent Mikey in a touching video, responding to the child's request for acknowledgment.

This move comes amidst a significant career milestone for Reigns as he has held the championship title for over 1000 days, a feat acknowledged by the WWE Universe and Triple H. Since Payback 2020, Reigns has tirelessly defended his title, triumphing over a series of formidable superstars and legends who attempted to usurp his championship status.

However, this latest acknowledgment extends beyond the wrestling ring, paying tribute to Magnificent Mikey, a young fan who recently graduated from kindergarten. In a heartwarming video, Mikey proudly holds Reigns' former Universal and WWE Championship belts, emulating his wrestling idol's prowess.

Always ready to recognize his fans, Reigns took to Twitter to pay tribute to Mikey, endorsing the youngster's call for acknowledgment. Reigns' tweet can be viewed in the link below.

Reigns' Potential Challenge Ahead

In related news, Reigns' dominating reign as the Undisputed World Champion on SmackDown has left WWE RAW without a world championship until Triple H intervened.

Seth Rollins emerged as the first World Heavyweight Champion for the red brand. Still, wrestling legend Vince Russo believes that if Reigns conquers Rollins' championship, he might face a challenging decision. During the latest episode of Writing with Russo, the wrestling veteran opined that Reigns should compete for and win the World Heavyweight Championship, subsequently uniting the titles.

In his words, Russo suggested a dramatic yet feasible solution, "Let Roman win it, then let him say, 'Bro, I ain't walking around with three belts; I have to go through airports.' And like the old days, 'I'm going to melt all the gold together, and we're going to have one belt because I cannot be carrying three belts around with me.'

" Russo's full commentary can be viewed in the video linked below. Interestingly, throughout Reigns' reign spanning 1000+ days, Seth "Freakin" Rollins remains the only challenger who Reigns hasn't pinned. The Tribal Chief held onto his Universal title as Rollins won their match via disqualification at the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble. Whether these two titans will face off again for the world title is still being determined.

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