Recent WWE Raw Clips Pre-recorded Weeks Prior


Recent WWE Raw Clips Pre-recorded Weeks Prior
Recent WWE Raw Clips Pre-recorded Weeks Prior

Vince McMahon, the industry stalwart, played a direct role during the recent "WWE Raw" broadcast this past Monday. His involvement was marked by several changes made throughout the night to align the show more closely with his creative direction.

Even though the overall ambiance was much less intense than the notorious "Raw" episode following WrestleMania, McMahon's edits influenced the production and screening of specific vignettes. In a report from Fightful Select, it was revealed that a number of these aired vignettes were filmed weeks in advance.

This prerecording practice isn't uncommon in the industry but is seldom openly discussed. The report further elaborates that some of these prerecorded scenes were filmed up to a fortnight before their eventual broadcast, offering an exciting peek behind the curtain of WWE production.

Prerecorded Vignettes Impress Talent

Interestingly, the talent involved found the prerecording method enjoyable, although the specific vignettes recorded in advance were not disclosed. As for this past Monday's episode, despite the onscreen illusion of live content, some segments were filmed a substantial 40 minutes before they were broadcasted to millions of fans worldwide.

Yet despite this backstage orchestration, this week's "Raw" marked an extraordinary achievement for WWE. The episode set a record in the Hartford, Connecticut market as the company's highest-grossing television show ever produced.

This recent achievement is part of a broader trend of record-breaking performances by the WWE. Last month, a similar accolade was claimed in Knoxville, Tennessee, during a "WWE SmackDown" broadcast. The surge in demand for the product appears to be unabated even as ticket prices climb higher.

The WWE's next move is to take "SmackDown" to Des Moine, Iowa, as anticipation builds towards the Money in the Bank event in London, England. Despite the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, WWE continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of sport and spectacle.