Zoey Stark Advocates for New Championship Belt in WWE Women's Division


Zoey Stark Advocates for New Championship Belt in WWE Women's Division

The former UFC fighter turned WWE sensation Ronda Rousey recently expressed her concerns about what she perceives as a lack of depth and investment in WWE's women's division, stating, "The biggest challenge that we have is to get this company to care and invest into this tag division." The raw and honest comments were made during her candid exchange on 'Ten Count with Steve Fall,' where she lamented the state of the women's tag team division.

Echoing these sentiments, Raw superstar Zoey Stark was interviewed and asked about her suggestions for overcoming this problem. Stark acknowledged that revamping the women's tag team division will be challenging, considering the current scarcity of teams.

Stark's Solution: New Championship

However, she proposes a novel approach: creating a new singles championship. Stark firmly believes such a move would catalyze the on-air presence of the women's roster. "I would love nothing more to add in like [an Intercontinental] women's championship," she declared.

"I think that would be fun to get that involved with it, and then more opportunities for the women to be put on TV. And I think it would do a lot of good for us." Stark further emphasizes the benefits of this new championship, stating, "It would be nice to see more women tags." Her proposal seeks to amplify women's exposure in the wrestling industry while diversifying the variety of available championship opportunities.

Despite the practicality and potential benefits of Stark's proposal, skepticism lingers. Notably, WWE has struggled with featuring the Raw women's champion on Raw and the SmackDown women's champion on SmackDown, an issue that has elicited criticism from fans and wrestlers alike.

This persistent struggle raises concerns about the company's capacity and willingness to address the women's division's problems. While Stark's call for a new championship belt is promising, it is still being determined whether WWE will act upon this suggestion.

However, the impassioned pleas from women superstars like Ronda Rousey and Zoey Stark underscore the urgent need for change within the women's division.

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