Mick Foley Claims WWE Superstar Undervalued

Mick Foley's insightful analysis sheds light on Seth Rollins' captivating journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mick Foley Claims WWE Superstar Undervalued

Seth Rollins, an accomplished figure in the world of professional wrestling, has garnered immense success and admiration throughout his career. As a two-time Grand Slam Champion, he has repeatedly proven his mettle, firmly establishing himself as a mainstay on WWE's prestigious roster for over a decade.

However, the iconic Mick Foley believes that there was a time when fans took Rollins for granted, underestimating his brilliance before his recent triumph in capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. In 2021, Rollins embarked on a remarkable journey of self-reinvention, adopting a new persona as The Visionary.

This marked a pivotal moment in his career, where he embraced a dazzling and audacious demeanor, captivating the audience with his unique style. Despite portraying a conceited and arrogant villain, the fans began to embrace Rollins' larger-than-life character, singing along to his theme song and showering him with cheers, gradually shifting their perception of him.

The turning point in Rollins' quest for glory arrived with the revelation by Triple H, ahead of Night of Champions, of a brand-new World Heavyweight Championship. He announced a tournament to determine the titleholder for the brand where Roman Reigns was not present following the WWE Draft, with Reigns having been drafted to SmackDown.

As a result, the newly introduced championship was assigned to Raw, paving the way for a thrilling showdown. In the climactic final match of the tournament, Seth Rollins faced off against the formidable AJ Styles at Night of Champions.

Demonstrating his unwavering determination and remarkable skill, Rollins emerged victorious, adding another illustrious title to his already impressive collection of WWE accolades.

Foley's Reflection on a Remarkable Transformation

During a recent episode of Foley is Pod, Mick Foley, a revered WWE Hall of Famer, reflected on Rollins' extraordinary transformation over the past two years.

Foley believed that fans had unknowingly taken the immensely talented Rollins for granted. However, Foley also recognized the instrumental role played by Rollins' unwavering commitment to his new character, which catapulted him back into the spotlight as one of the most beloved stars on the WWE roster.

"I think we had come to take him for granted—a phenomenal worker. I think last year - I don't even know if Seth was in my top five. But this attention to character has been a slow build," Foley remarked. "I remember people thought it was the most embarrassing thing in wrestling, and I was like, 'He's onto something, and he's trying.

He's sinking his teeth into it.' It was just so much fun to see him evolve and fully embrace it." The resurgence of Seth Rollins serves as a testament to his exceptional talent, resilience, and willingness to take risks.

His journey from being underappreciated to becoming a fan favorite is a testament to his remarkable character development and the unwavering support of the WWE Universe.

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