WWE Vet: Shawn Michaels 'Intensely High' During Disputed Segment


WWE Vet: Shawn Michaels 'Intensely High' During Disputed Segment
WWE Vet: Shawn Michaels 'Intensely High' During Disputed Segment

In a recent revelation, Vince Russo, a former writer for WWE, claimed that legendary wrestler Shawn Michaels was under the influence when he made one of his most provocative statements in the wrestling world. This controversial incident dates back to 1997 when Michaels and fellow wrestler Bret Hart were embroiled in an intense rivalry both on-screen and off.

The rivalry reached a boiling point during a May episode of Raw when Hart challenged Michaels for a match at King of the Ring, promising to cease wrestling in the United States if he failed to win within ten minutes. Michaels retorted scathingly, "You couldn't go ten minutes in any situation… if you know what I mean.

Even though you've had some Sunny days." This cryptic comment sparked a furor as Michaels alluded to rumors of an alleged affair between Hart and WWF Diva Sunny, despite both denying any such involvement. Sunny, who openly admitted to an affair with Michaels in her book, became an unfortunate pawn in this feud.

Hart's rage escalated, and the statement drove a seemingly unbridgeable wedge between him and Michaels.

Michaels' Indifferent, Intoxicated Antics

On an episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, Russo recounted the contentious episode, asserting that Michaels, intoxicated at the time of the promo, was indifferent to the potential consequences of his remark.

"Shawn Michaels was high out of his mind," Russo claimed. "He'd tell you himself. He's a changed man, but back then, he was high on whatever these wrestlers take—painkillers or something else. He just spat it out without giving a damn.

That one line, without a doubt, set the stage for the infamous Montreal Screwjob." Russo, the producer of the incendiary segment, lamented his inability to intervene as Michaels veered off-script, primarily due to the live nature of the show.

"I was there when Shawn cut the promo that ignited everything," Russo continued. "But the problem was, it was live, and Shawn knew it was live. Unlike Sid's do-over, there were no second chances here. And when he said it, it set off a chain reaction. Bret was taken aback, 'My freaking wife watches this show,' he said. That blew everything wide open."

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