WWE Legend's Title Win: Ego Inflation, Says Jake The Snake


WWE Legend's Title Win: Ego Inflation, Says Jake The Snake
WWE Legend's Title Win: Ego Inflation, Says Jake The Snake

WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts recently shed light on his relationship with fellow wrestling legend Shawn Michaels during a candid episode of "The Snake Pit." According to Roberts, the two grapplers rarely crossed paths, primarily due to Michaels's personality quirks.

While Roberts acknowledged some initial camaraderie with Michaels during their early car trips and encounters in the locker room, he revealed a notable shift in Michaels's demeanor as he climbed the ranks of WWE. "Later on, he seemed to be full of himself," Roberts admitted, pointing out that Michaels's newfound success had fueled a significant ego problem, making him less approachable.

Hall of Fame Snub: Roberts and Michaels' Diverging Paths

Reflecting on their lack of connection, Roberts disclosed that he didn't even exchange greetings with Michaels at his own WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2014, despite their mutual friend, the late Scott Hall.

It became apparent to Roberts that their paths diverged due to their differing circles. "He doesn't roll with the people I roll with," Roberts remarked, highlighting their contrasting lifestyles and social circles. Not one to mince words, Roberts has been vocal about his lack of respect for Michaels as a champion, grouping him together with Bret "Hitman" Hart as representatives of a generation that failed to grasp the nuances of in-ring psychology and selling.

"He just wasn't a champion to me," Roberts expressed bluntly. "There, I said it. Neither one of them [were]." This revelation may not come as a surprise to wrestling enthusiasts, given the numerous accounts of friction between Michaels and various colleagues throughout his controversial career.

Michaels's journey to the top of the industry evidently brought with it a set of personality issues that left an indelible impression on his fellow wrestlers, including Jake "The Snake" Roberts.