Seth Rollins Discusses WWE's Approach to New Title, Reveals True Purpose Behind It

WWE's Seth Rollins candidly speaks on the company's latest move.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Discusses WWE's Approach to New Title, Reveals True Purpose Behind It

In a recent, engaging conversation with host Mark Andrews on the "My Love Letter To Wrestling" podcast, WWE superstar Seth Rollins shed light on the conception of WWE's new title. He affirmed that introducing this title is not an act of whimsy but a strategic move necessitated by the sheer volume of talent within the WWE roster.

The notion that the title is merely a 'work rate title' rankles Rollins, who argued that such a label is a significant understatement of its value. "Referring to it as a work rate title somewhat undersells it," Rollins pointed out.

He asserted that the creation of the title emanated from the fact that WWE's roster brims with unmatched talent. The company found itself grappling with an embarrassment of riches, so to speak, with too many formidable contenders and needing more recognition to go around.

Rollins Defends New Title Creation

Rollins expressed that "the existence of the title is necessitated by the fact that we have a surplus of worthy contenders, individuals who are more than capable of bearing this championship.

Were our roster not as robust, or if the WWE wasn't experiencing such a Good streak, the narrative might have been entirely different." The WWE veteran further emphasized the brand's global reach and constant success. He reiterated that WWE's global popularity is international, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Paris, France, and Mexico City.

According to Rollins, the demand for the WWE brand is overwhelming, with sold-out events being the norm rather than the exception. Such success demands a representative World Heavyweight Champion, a beacon that encapsulates this high level of competition on the men's side.

Moreover, Rollins conveyed his commitment to elevate his title to the pinnacle of professional wrestling. "We're completely dedicated to building this title to be as monumental as any championship in wrestling," he vowed. Despite understanding the immense task ahead, Rollins and his crew are not shying away from the challenges but embracing them head-on.

"We're not naive to believe that success will come without hard work. We're fully aware of the effort needed to elevate this title, and we have a roster and crew prepared to invest their time to achieve this goal," Rollins concluded.

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