Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown Return Amid The Bloodline Discord Next Week

Uso brothers entangled in a tumultuous WWE family feud.

by Noman Rasool
Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown Return Amid The Bloodline Discord Next Week

Amid the dramatic tension coursing through the WWE Universe, Jey Uso finds himself trapped in an escalating family drama - a decision awaits him, and his cousin, Roman Reigns, will be present when the moment of choice arrives.

"WWE SmackDown," the high-octane Friday night spectacle, declared Reigns' anticipated return for the coming week. This marks his first reappearance since Jimmy, his kin's controversial expulsion from the notorious faction known as The Bloodline on June 2.

However, the projected ambiance of the reunion remains far from the harmonious reunion painted by Paul Heyman earlier in the night. The reason for this anticipation was the main event of Friday night's showdown - Jey Uso's pursuit of the United States Championship.

The event's culmination saw an unfortunate twist as Jimmy's superkick, originally intended for Solo Sikoa, mistakenly found its mark on Jey. This marked an unsuccessful bid for the championship, adding fuel to the simmering family conflict.

"Heyman Stirs Uso Family Discord"

Throughout the night, Heyman's whispers echoed in Jey's ear, assuring him that Reigns harbored intentions to mentor him towards the role of the next Tribal Chief - a transition meant to occur in due time.

The seeds of discord were sown as Heyman alleged Jimmy's envy of Jey to be the root cause of his rebellious kick aimed at Reigns during the Night of Champions. In response to these allegations, Jey refrained from pledging his allegiance outright to either his brother or his cousin, Reigns.

He postponed his decision, a move his fans have witnessed before. Jey's wavering resolve was boosted by former Bloodline member Sami Zayn, who urged him to remain strong. Later, he retorted to Heyman's ploys, implying that Heyman's position within The Bloodline would be jeopardized should he, Jey, choose to stay.

After the main event, an unyielding Jey left Jimmy alone in the ring to contemplate his ill-timed actions. He gave no clue to either Heyman or Sikoa about his loyalties, leaving the arena with an even greater divide between him and his brother than when the night started.

As "SmackDown" came to a close, Heyman, aptly nicknamed "the Wise Man," was seen reaching out to Reigns, presumably to brief him on the night's tumultuous events.

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