WWE Hall of Famer Applauds CM Punk's AEW Return as a 'Positive' Move


WWE Hall of Famer Applauds CM Punk's AEW Return as a 'Positive' Move
WWE Hall of Famer Applauds CM Punk's AEW Return as a 'Positive' Move

In a surprising turn of events, WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn has expressed his support for CM Punk's return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), considering it a positive move for the company. The former DX member and renowned wrestling veteran shared his thoughts during an interview with Sportskeeda, shedding light on Punk's enduring appeal and the potential benefits his presence could bring to AEW.

Gunn emphasized Punk's continued relevance and drawing power, acknowledging that despite any backstage controversies, the Second City Saint remains a formidable force in the industry. Gunn's perspective highlights the value of having such a seasoned performer on the roster who can elevate the entire company and its talent.

Unforgettable WWE Encounter: Gunn vs. Punk

Interestingly, Gunn and Punk share a unique history. Wrestling aficionados recall Punk's infamous departure from WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble, which marked his last appearance in over seven years.

In an intriguing twist, Punk faced Gunn in a singles match on Monday Night Raw just days before his exit. Reflecting on his experience with Punk, Gunn dismissed the notion of Punk being as "toxic" as commonly believed, expressing his indifference towards the off-screen drama.

Instead, Gunn focused on the potential contributions Punk could make to the company and its talent. In Gunn's eyes, Punk's return signifies an opportunity to enhance the overall product and guide emerging stars. While reports have hinted at a divided locker room reaction to Punk's comeback, Gunn's endorsement carries weight, given his extensive industry knowledge and decorated career.

His stance underlines the belief that Punk's star power and expertise can only benefit AEW. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits Punk's much-anticipated return on the debut episode of AEW Collision, it remains to be seen how his presence will again shape the landscape of professional wrestling.

Regardless of the ongoing debates and controversies, Billy Gunn's endorsement of Punk's AEW return reflects the positive outlook held by at least one respected industry figure.

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