WWE Fans: 32.3% Believe Chad Gable Is Most Underused Talent, According to WINC Survey


WWE Fans: 32.3% Believe Chad Gable Is Most Underused Talent, According to WINC Survey

Chad Gable, a highly talented WWE superstar, has emerged as the fans' choice for the most underutilized talent in a recent survey conducted by Wrestling Inc. on Twitter. As of June 2023, Gable secured the top spot, albeit by a narrow margin, with an impressive 32.3 percent of the 610 votes.

However, it was a closely contested race, as Butch (Pete Dunne) trailed closely behind with 32.1 percent, while Johnny Gargano secured a respectable third place with 31.3 percent. The remaining 4.3 percent of the votes were attributed to Tyler Bate from "WWE NXT."

Underutilized WWE Superstars: Gable, Butch, and Gargano

Chad Gable, known for his intellectual prowess as part of Alpha Academy, has also showcased his remarkable strength whenever given the opportunity to shine.

Fans have taken notice of his incredible abilities and believe that WWE could be doing more to utilize his talents fully. Meanwhile, Butch, a fan-favorite, has been navigating through various storylines as a member of the Brawling Brutes, displaying his versatility and captivating the audience with his in-ring skills.

On the other hand, Johnny Gargano has been facing challenges due to recurring injury issues since his return to WWE, preventing him from fully realizing his potential. It is worth noting that Chad Gable is the only one who has tasted championship success on the main roster among the four superstars.

He boasts an impressive record of being a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, showcasing his versatility and ability to thrive in high-stakes situations. These survey results shed light on the fans' desires to see these talented individuals receive more prominent roles and opportunities within WWE.

As the WWE landscape continues to evolve, how the company will respond to the overwhelming fan support for Gable, Butch, and Gargano remains to be seen. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: the WWE Universe is eagerly waiting for these superstars to receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve, and they hope that the company will take note of their overwhelming support.

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