Kurt Angle Praises Mercedes Mone, Crowns Different Horsewoman as World's Best

Kurt Angle Hails Female Wrestling Talent Beyond WWE's Boundaries

by Atia Mukhtar
Kurt Angle Praises Mercedes Mone, Crowns Different Horsewoman as World's Best

Kurt Angle, renowned for his impressive tenure in WWE and later in TNA/Impact Wrestling, has always kept a close eye on the wrestling landscape beyond the confines of WWE. Recently, during an episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," where he fields fan questions, Angle was asked to name his favorite non-WWE wrestler of the present day.

The wrestling legend wasted no time responding, expressing his admiration for a wrestler who is his devoted fan. Without hesitation, Angle declared, "That's an easy one – Kenny Omega. I might have to make him my girlfriend.

Don't get me wrong, I love Bryan Danielson, but he's been part of WWE." While Angle expressed his affinity for male wrestlers, he also shed light on his favorite female wrestling talent. At the top of his list outside of WWE stands Mercedes Moné, a gifted performer.

Angle commended her skills, acknowledging her as his preferred female wrestler beyond the WWE universe. However, Angle didn't miss the opportunity to shower additional praise on a current WWE superstar who holds her own among the Four Horsewomen—Mercedes Moné, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair.

Angle Praises Moné, Crowns Flair and Banks

Moné's mention prompted Angle to elaborate further: "She's an excellent choice. That would be my favorite female outside of WWE. But listen, I hold Charlotte Flair in incredibly high regard.

In my opinion, she is the best of all time. I genuinely believe she's the finest wrestler in the world overall. Charlotte Flair has consistently delivered an extraordinary series of five-star matches more than anyone else. Her prowess is unparalleled.

Yet, I must also acknowledge the awesomeness of Sasha Banks, whom Mercedes belongs to. She's incredible too." With his astute observations and well-rounded appreciation for talent inside and outside WWE, Kurt Angle continues to display his deep knowledge and passion for the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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