Booker T Speaks About The Drama Side of Wrestling


Booker T Speaks About The Drama Side of Wrestling
Booker T Speaks About The Drama Side of Wrestling

Booker T is one of the most successful professional wrestlers of all time. According to him, a professional wrestler has to do much more than perform well in the ring to be successful. Booker T spoke about the importance of drama and storytelling in professional wrestling.

It is a fact that most successful professional wrestlers in the past were very good on the mic. They didn’t rely on their wrestling ability alone to carry them to the top. Professional wrestling is sports entertainment at the end of the day, and the job of a wrestler is the entertain the fans.

Entertaining fans by performing complex moves and relying on pure wrestling ability is often not a good idea.

Booker T Talks About Why Drama is Necessary in Professional Wrestling

Booker T came under fire after commenting on Lacey Evans new look.

He mentioned something along the lines of Lacey losing her appeal. "Let me just get this straight, [this business], it's not just about wrestling. Wrestling is a part of it, but becoming a star — I've known a boatload of great wrestlers, guys that could wrap circles around me from a wrestling perspective, but that's not what this thing is really all about," Booker said, "It's about entertaining the fans, making the fans feel a certain way, taking them on a journey that they're going to remember for the rest of their life [...] It's got so much more to do with it than just getting in the ring and wrestling.

And if you think that way you're going to be bruised, beat up, battered, and torn by the time your career is over with, and you're going to have no money." He then spoke about the importance of drama and believes that relying on wrestling ability alone will not take a professional wrestler or their promotion to the top.

"It's always been about the drama. How many times have we seen a wedding at one of the pay-per-views? It always goes to hell," Booker said, "That's part of professional wrestling, so it's not just about wrestling." He went on to speak about the importance of adding fuel to storylines.

He mentioned the drama of contract signings segments. Contract signing segments have been used extensively by the WWE for match build ups. Booker T acknowledged that he was speaking from the perspective of someone who has worked with the WWE.

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