Asuka Defends New WWE Women's Title Belt Amid Backlash

Drama unfolds as Asuka fiercely defends new belt design.

by Atia Mukhtar
Asuka Defends New WWE Women's Title Belt Amid Backlash

In the recent episode of "WWE SmackDown," the spotlight shifted to Asuka when Adam Pearce, the general manager, unveiled the brand-new WWE Women's Championship belt. The new design replaced the previous "Raw" Women's Championship belt, which Asuka claimed from Bianca Belair in a thrilling encounter at the Night of Champions.

However, the fresh design of the championship belt has been met with mixed reviews from fans. Some quickly voice their disapproval, citing its resemblance to other WWE Championships and critiquing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Amid the storm of comments and opinions, "The Empress of Tomorrow" decided to strike back at the critics through a tweet on Saturday afternoon.

Asuka Claps Back at Critics

In her signature bold and fiery style, Asuka responded to the negative feedback by challenging the fashion sense of her critics.

"I would love to evaluate the fashion sense of those claiming my belt design is terrible," she tweeted. "If they lack in that department, they are beneath my notice." In addition to handling the whirlwind of public opinion, Asuka faces another impending challenge in Charlotte Flair.

During the title unveiling ceremony, Flair re-emerged after a two-month absence from the promotion and threw down the gauntlet for a future match, which Asuka gratefully accepted. Flair's most recent competitive appearance was her loss of the "SmackDown" Women's Championship to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39.

Since then, Ripley has maintained her grip on the title, fending off challengers like Zelina Vega, Dana Brooke, and Natalya at the Night of Champions. Asuka, meanwhile, made her feelings about the new belt clear in response to a WWE tweet soliciting fans' opinions on the new design.

She praised the fresh look, tweeting that she thought the "belt design was cool" and that she "liked it a lot," further cementing her status as the standard-bearer for the women's division.