Bianca Belair's Take on WWE Women's Title Drama on Smackdown


Bianca Belair's Take on WWE Women's Title Drama on Smackdown
Bianca Belair's Take on WWE Women's Title Drama on Smackdown

In the fast-paced world of WWE, championships often change hands and storylines take unexpected twists and turns. The latest rollercoaster involves the WWE Women's Title on Smackdown, and Bianca Belair, a seasoned champion herself, has now voiced her reaction to the messy situation.

Belair, who has an impressive track record with championship wins, having held the Smackdown Women's Title in the past and recently completed a remarkable 400-day reign as the Raw Women's Champion, faced a shocking setback at WWE Night of Champions just two weeks ago.

Asuka, employing a deceitful tactic involving the dreaded mist, managed to snatch the Raw Women's Title from Belair's grasp. The match saw Asuka apply the mist to her hands, followed by a vicious rake to Belair's eyes and two decisive kicks that sealed the victory for Asuka.

The June 9th edition of WWE Smackdown shed light on the aftermath of that eventful night. It was revealed that the Raw Women's Title would no longer exist, as Asuka was presented with a brand new WWE Women's Championship. However, this celebratory moment was unexpectedly interrupted by the return of Charlotte Flair, who had been absent for two months.

Demanding a title shot, Flair asserted that she wouldn't wait in line. Asuka accepted the challenge, setting the stage for their title match on June 30th in London, England.

Belair Seeks Answers in Championship Chaos

Amidst this turmoil, Bianca Belair sought clarity regarding her own championship aspirations.

Before the title presentation, she approached WWE Official Adam Pearce, who assured her of a rematch against Asuka for the title she lost due to underhanded tactics. However, following the presentation, Belair reached out to Pearce once again, only to receive a vague response that he would figure something out.

Expressing her frustration and confusion, Belair took to Twitter to address the situation. In her first tweet, she questioned the turn of events, highlighting that she had agreed to let Asuka have her moment, as long as she received her promised rematch.

To her surprise, Charlotte Flair emerged, demanded and was immediately granted a rematch opportunity. Belair wondered if she was missing something or if there was a miscommunication. In a subsequent tweet, Belair pondered the existence of different rematches for different titles, directing her message to WWE Official Adam Pearce for a resolution.

As fans eagerly await the upcoming Smackdown episode, there is hope that this convoluted situation will be resolved. For now, Bianca Belair, much like some bewildered fans, finds herself grappling with the perplexing chain of events and frequent title changes that have become a trademark of WWE in recent times.

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