Asuka Responds to Criticism Surrounding WWE


Asuka Responds to Criticism Surrounding WWE
Asuka Responds to Criticism Surrounding WWE

On the latest installment of WWE's "SmackDown," the stage was set for a significant development in the Women's Division. Adam Pearce, the general manager, revealed the new WWE Women's Championship belt, ceremonially transferring it to the current reigning champion, Asuka.

This unique belt symbolically retired the "Raw" Women's Championship, a title Asuka seized from Bianca Belair at the highly charged Night of Champions event. However, the fresh title design has yet to be embraced unanimously.

A vocal contingent of WWE fans took to social media platforms to express their discontentment, primarily focused on its perceived similarity to other WWE Championship belts and a subjective critique of its aesthetics. This past Saturday afternoon, Asuka, affectionately known by her fans as "The Empress of Tomorrow," clapped back at these criticisms in a spirited Twitter post.

In her distinctive style, Asuka called out her critics: "I would be interested in examining the fashion sensibilities of anyone claiming my belt design is subpar. If they lack sophistication in their fashion sense, I hold no regard for their opinion," she penned, defiantly.

"Flair Challenges Asuka Post-Hiatus"

As she counters these minor quibbles, Asuka also finds herself preparing for an impending showdown against none other than Charlotte Flair. During the title presentation, the WWE Universe was electrified as Flair made her grand return after a two-month hiatus, promptly issuing a challenge to Asuka for the newly minted title.

Asuka, in her signature, unyielding spirit, accepted the challenge. This confrontation is particularly noteworthy as it marks Flair's comeback match after she lost the "SmackDown" Women's Championship to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39 during the Judgment Day event.

Since then, Ripley has proven her mettle by successfully defending the "SmackDown" Women's Title against formidable opponents like Zelina Vega, Dana Brooke, and Natalya at the Night of Champions. Asuka added her voice to the WWE's official tweet, inviting fans to share their thoughts on the new belt.

In response, she expressed her admiration for the design, dubbing it "cool" and stating unequivocally how much she "liked it a lot." As the current champion, Asuka's endorsement of the new title belt is a testament to her bold and unapologetic character inside and outside the wrestling ring.