Thunder Rosa Labels WWE The Bloodline Plot as an Intense Family Feud

AEW's Thunder Rosa offers insights on WWE's Bloodline storyline

by Noman Rasool
Thunder Rosa Labels WWE The Bloodline Plot as an Intense Family Feud

WWE's ongoing Bloodline storyline earns rave reviews across the professional wrestling universe. The complex narrative that prominently features Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the Usos has resonated deeply with fans and seasoned industry pundits.

Recently, Thunder Rosa, a notable AEW talent, shed light on the saga's distinct family-oriented theme and its uniquely exaggerated yet relatable nature during an interview on Busted Open. Thunder Rosa, a former AEW Women's Champion, candidly described the escalating storyline.

"This is a straight-up telenovela or soap opera," she said, "It's like an intense family feud amplified a thousand times, with elements of deep-seated family issues that people typically deal with in therapy, now laid bare for entertainment in the ring.

This natural approach makes the storyline incredibly real and relatable, especially for those from close-knit families."

Bloodline: Wrestling's Melodramatic Saga

The analogy of pro-wrestling plots with soap operas or telenovelas is not novel.

Pro-wrestling storylines often stretch the limits of reality, weaving tales of outlandish drama. Though traditionally, romantic subplots within wrestling are more likely to be compared to these television genres, the gripping familial dynamics of the Bloodline saga perfectly embody the essence of a melodrama.

The Bloodline storyline has captivated audiences across various social media platforms and consistently delivered strong television ratings. There's no denying that the engrossing narrative has brought a renewed interest to professional wrestling.

Interestingly, Thunder Rosa highlighted a unique aspect of the storyline's fanbase, particularly its significant male viewership. "There's always that one family member who behaves like they're superior, engaging in gaslighting and belittling others," she observed, "It's something I've seen in countless telenovelas growing up, which my mother used to watch, and I'd join her.

It's fascinating to see all these men engrossed in their version of a telenovela." In essence, the Bloodline storyline has proven to be a game-changer for WWE, introducing a fresh, dramatic, and wildly successful angle that not only entertains but also transcends conventional gender viewership patterns, all while striking a chord with fans on a deeply personal level.

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