Booker T Regrets TNA Actions, Didn't Plan WWE Comeback

Wrestling icon Booker T unveils unexpected chapters of his career.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Regrets TNA Actions, Didn't Plan WWE Comeback

In a recent candid discussion, wrestling legend Booker T has opened up about the not-so-proud moments from his time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and his unexpected return to WWE. Looking back on his illustrious career, Booker T admitted to losing his drive during his stint in TNA and being surprised by his eventual return to the WWE universe.

When Booker T exited WWE, he never envisioned coming back. His departure was intended as a final farewell to the brand that had cemented his status as a superstar. He explained, "When I left WWE, it wasn't a thought process in my mind.

I thought that was the end of my WWE career." However, when presented with the opportunity to be a part of "Tough Enough," Booker T grabbed the opportunity and has been a part of WWE ever since.

Booker T's Coaching Journey Begins

Transitioning from the ring to coaching was a natural step for Booker T.

His previous experience running a wrestling school made him a perfect fit for the role; he recalled, "When they asked me to do Tough Enough, I was like, man, I'm all in. I already got a school, so I'm known for coaching, so this is perfect." On the other hand, his tenure with TNA proved less rewarding.

Originally, Booker T had hoped to create memorable moments in the company but quickly realized it wouldn't happen. He confessed, "After about two weeks, I realized none of that would happen, so I just started acting a fool.

I'm ashamed of myself for what I did in TNA." Booker T's drive evaporated as he recognized he needed help influencing the company's direction or motivating the young talent he was eager to work with. He lamented, "I lost my motivation.

I had a two-year contract, and I lost my motivation." The wrestling superstar confessed to being influenced by Michael Jordan's relentless drive. He admitted, "I know when I went to TNA, I felt I had that same feeling as far as I'm going to push these guys to see exactly how far they can go." Unfortunately, his ambitions were curtailed, leaving him disconnected and dispassionate about his role in TNA.

He resigned to collecting his paycheck and attempting to have fun until his contract ended. Years later, he reflects on his journey with pride and humility, candidly revealing the highs and lows of a career spent in the ring.

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