Hulk Hogan Take: Pro Wrestling Business - A Shoot Perspective


Hulk Hogan Take: Pro Wrestling Business - A Shoot Perspective

In a recent interview, legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan opened up about his unique perspective on the pro wrestling business, considering it more of a shoot than a work. The Hulkster emphasized that financial success was pivotal in his view of the industry.

Dispelling the notion that wrestling is purely scripted, Hogan remarked, "Everybody says, 'Oh, this business is a work.' Okay, if I'm making twice as much money as you, and you're wrestling me, is that work? That's a fu**ing shoot, brother, and that's how I looked at it." Hogan believed that the amount of money earned and the position one held determined the authenticity of success within the business.

Recalling his early days with Vince McMahon's WWE, Hogan shared an eye-opening realization, "When I worked for Vince, and Bob Backlund was the champion, I wrestled Backlund, and Backlund always got paid more than me. I was like, oh.

So this isn't working. So it does matter if you win or lose. It does matter if you're the champion or not."

Merchandise Success: A Defining Shoot Factor

Hogan highlighted the importance of popularity and merchandise sales: "Everybody goes, it's work.

Well, it's not work. It's about the money and the mileage." According to him, a wrestler's success was reflected in the revenue generated by their merchandise. Hogan shared his experience, stating, "If you're a good guy, usually, until the NWO came along, back in the day, if you're a good guy, your merchandise was two to one over the bad guy's stuff.

That does not work for me. That's a shoot, brother. If I'm making more money than you and wrestling you, my T-shirts are selling twice as much as yours; maybe it's working for you, but not for me if my check is double yours." On a personal note, Hogan also discussed his physical condition and the toll wrestling had taken on his body.

He revealed his extensive history in the ring: "I haven't wrestled since... my body shut down on me about 14 or 15 years ago." Hogan detailed a staggering number of surgeries he had undergone, including ten back surgeries, knee replacements, multiple shoulder procedures, and even surgeries on his face due to numerous blows.

These physical challenges have prevented him from engaging in physical wrestling activities, despite his continued involvement with WWE in other capacities. As Hulk Hogan looks ahead to the future, he is regrouping and preparing for potential comebacks.

His insightful perspective on the pro wrestling business as a shoot, driven by financial success and merchandise popularity, sheds light on the complex dynamics within the industry.

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