WWE Trademarks New Group Name


WWE Trademarks New Group Name

In a move solidifying the inception of a new ensemble, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has formally lodged a trademark application for a recently established group, witnessed first-hand by viewers on the small screen.

The narrative unfolded this past Tuesday, on the June 6th airing of NXT. Viewers were treated to a backstage promo featuring the Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar, accompanied by Oro Mensah, and female wrestling sensations Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson.

The highlight of the promo was when Dar unveiled the quartet's name - the Meta-Four. Coinciding with the telecast on June 6th, WWE initiated the process of trademarking the group's name, as reported by Wrestlingnewsco. The comprehensive explanation of the trademark application encompasses a wide spectrum of entertainment services.

The proposed 'Meta-Four' trademark registration aims to cover wrestling exhibitions and performances by professional wrestlers and entertainers, delivered through various broadcast media such as television, radio, and online platforms.

Trademark Scope in Detail

The trademark ambit extends to services like offering wrestling news and sports entertainment information via a global computer network, running a dedicated sports entertainment information website, organizing wrestling events for fan club members, and hosting social entertainment events.

It also encompasses the provision of online newsletters in the field of sports entertainment and online sports entertainment journals, namely blogs. In an electrifying spectacle at the NXT Battleground, the newly formed Meta-Four truly established their standing.

The group, led by Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar, presented a united front that won't be easily forgotten. With the strategic backing of Oro Mensah, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson, Dar adeptly defended his Heritage Cup title.

Their collaborative triumph over challenger Dragon Lee was not only memorable but demonstrated the formidable strength of this new alliance.

Looking ahead, the adrenaline-fueled saga will continue as Noam Dar is set to defend the NXT Heritage Cup once more on Tuesday, June 13th, this time against challenger Nathan Frazer.

With the Meta-Four's official introduction and the ensuing trademark filing, WWE fans can expect the plot to thicken in the coming weeks.