WWE Unveils Upcoming Plans for King and Queen of The Ring Events

Dive into the latest developments shaping the WWE's event landscape.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Unveils Upcoming Plans for King and Queen of The Ring Events

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) shared plans to host both King and Queen of the Ring premium live events (PLE) in Saudi Arabia on May 27 in March of this year. However, this proposal was later replaced with a decision to revive the previously shelved Night of Champions event.

With the 2023 Night of Champions now a part of WWE's past, fans and pundits alike are left with one burning question: When will the prestigious King and Queen of the Ring tournaments return?

King and Queen Revival Uncertain"

The hopes of many were pinned on the possibility of these iconic events resurfacing later this year, but recent insider reports dampen those aspirations.

Fightful Select, a respected outlet for wrestling news, reports that the WWE officials privy to planning details have yet to receive any proposals for rescheduling the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments for a date within 2023.

The timing of the revival of these cherished events remains shrouded in uncertainty. However, these competitions are still considered a potential "back pocket" attraction for future Saudi Arabian events. The last King and Queen of the Ring tournaments were held in October 2021, with Xavier Woods and Zelina Vega being honored as King of the Ring and Queen's Crown, respectively, at the Crown Jewel event.

Information has yet to be released regarding the schedule of the next WWE PLE in Saudi Arabia. Earlier reports indicate that the resurrection of the World Heavyweight Championship influenced WWE's decision to modify their late-May PLE to Night of Champions.

This esteemed title added considerable allure to the event, making the shift a strategic move by the company. The championship saw Seth "Freakin" Rollins emerge victorious, clinching the World Heavyweight Championship in a thrilling match against AJ Styles from "SmackDown." This was the climactic conclusion of a highly competitive tournament, leaving fans worldwide at the edge of their seats.

While the scheduling for the King and Queen of the Ring remains uncertain, fans of WWE can rest assured that the organization is continuously striving to deliver captivating wrestling events designed to keep audiences around the globe hooked and entertained.