Ryback Reveals Downfall of His Bond with Triple H in WWE


Ryback Reveals Downfall of His Bond with Triple H in WWE

Ex-WWE superstar Ryback, known for his straightforward honesty, once again didn't mince his words when he got candid about his relationship with Triple H in a recent episode of the podcast "K100", hosted by wrestling personalities Konnan and Disco Inferno.

Ryback dived deep into his interactions with Triple H, the ups and downs, and the final fallout. "Throughout the early phases, I had a tremendous respect for Hunter," admitted Ryback, recalling their initial interactions. "Hunter came up with the concept of the double stack for the Shell Shock.

We shared dialogues and engaged in fruitful conversations, but somewhere along the line, things changed. It's a game of power, and we had much in common from Hunter's perspective. As a child, I idolized him."

Rift Amid Ryback's Legal Struggles

However, the relationship started to sour during Ryback's legal woes with WWE.

These problems arose when he was reassigned to developmental following his first stint as Skip Sheffield in The Nexus. An "intense" phone exchange with Triple H ensued when he announced his decision to return to Las Vegas while still in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Ryback believes his assertiveness, a rare quality for a developmental talent, probably didn't bode well initially, but the atmosphere became more amiable over time. "Meetings took place in Stamford, and Hunter provided me with substantial support early on," Ryback elaborated.

"He's an individual with an exceptional mind for wrestling." However, as the end of Ryback's WWE career approached, the relationship with Triple H soured dramatically. He found himself engaging in tense conversations more often than not.

"In my wrestling career, you've been the greatest letdown," Ryback confessed to Triple H. "I used to look up to you, and how much of a disappointment you've become is disheartening." Recalling the conversation's emotional intensity, Ryback said, "He simply lowered his head and pleaded, 'Please don't say that.'

But that was precisely how I felt." This heart-wrenching moment encapsulated the unraveled relationship between the former allies, which had once begun with mutual respect and admiration.

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