Matt Cardona Top 3 Dream Wrestling Matches

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Matt Cardona Top 3 Dream Wrestling Matches
Matt Cardona Top 3 Dream Wrestling Matches

As one of the current sensations in independent wrestling, Matt Cardona is no stranger to fans' speculation, especially when it comes to conjecture about potential dream matches. This speculation has now been fueled by the star, who recently took to Twitter to announce his top three most coveted opponents from the active wrestling circuit before he finally steps away from the ring.

In a twist that will intrigue many, it turns out that all three of his preferred rivals are currently part of the WWE roster - a place with which Cardona shares a significant past. These wrestlers are John Cena, Edge, and Cody Rhodes, three performers with whom Cardona has developed distinctly different relationships.

Cardona's WWE Days Recalled

Cardona's wrestling career catapulted into the spotlight during his WWE days, primarily due to his association with the "Rated-R Superstar," Edge. Working as an 'Edgehead' alongside Brian Myers, he assisted Edge in securing his World Heavyweight Championship title during his tenure in La Familia.

In contrast, John Cena has been a challenging adversary for Cardona, with their professional storyline climaxing in the 'Embrace The Hate' narrative arc. This involved Kane and Eve Torres, occurring at the zenith of Cardona's popularity within WWE.

Lastly, Cody Rhodes has been a critical figure in Cardona's wrestling journey, not only as a close personal friend but also as an inspiration for his post-WWE trajectory. Their professional paths crossed briefly during Cardona's short stint with AEW in 2020, adding another dimension to their friendship.

The realization of these dream matches would likely require Cardona to return to WWE, a prospect he's openly considered, given his lingering desire to compete at WrestleMania again. However, the clock is ticking as the careers of Cena and Edge are nearing their twilight years.

Consequently, Cardona would need to decide sooner rather than later to actualize these potential epic clashes in the ring.

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